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About Cynthia

About Cynthia

Cynthia is a licensed marriage and family therapist, group developer and facilitator, and life coach. Curious and fascinated by the human mind, Cynthia set out and received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Santa Clara University. Working to overcome her own adversities, and armed with a passion to serve others, Cynthia continued with her studies and received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. Cynthia’s background and area of focus is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role thoughts have on how we feel and what we do.

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The Science of Giving

December 18, 2014. When we unselfishly give, our brain’s pleasure and reward centers are stimulated. Acts of kindness inspire others to continue paying it forward.  Unselfishly giving releases a “helper’s high” leading one to continue giving and the recipient inspired to give.  Read more. . .


IQ Scores and Academic Success

August 4, 2014. Does IQ scores and academic success determine long-term success? Recent research in the field of Positive Psychology is consistently discovering that people who have the ability to see the negatives and positives in various situations tend to be more successful. This ability is proven to be far superior then IQ scores.  Read more. . .


Reinvent Yourself

June 17, 2014. There are powerful psychological forces that become obstacles and prevent us from turning our current reality into the future we dream of. I’m often saddened when people tell me that they have in fact forgotten their dream and uncovering one’s life purpose becomes an excavation. Read more. . .