What Client’s Say

“Cynthia has been such an incredible blessing in my life, my marriage and my family! I can honestly say that I, though a work in progress, have come a long way in the time that I have been seeing her. I look forward to our visits every time and always leave with a greater understanding of myself and feeling genuinely happy, something I hadn’t felt for most of my life. She truly loves what she does, and she does it with an amazing passion. I highly recommend Cynthia for life, marriage and family therapy.”
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Adult Therapy

Adult therapy helps you explore and improve your emotional, behavioral and relationship states. By improving the ways in which you handle the multitude of feelings you encounter on a daily basis, plus how you interact with others, your personal and professional life will improve.

Each therapy session provides an opportunity to discuss in detail your background, history and personal struggles. The goal of therapy is for you to have a better understanding of your struggles with a greater awareness of the impact it has on your life – both personally and professionally. Working with Cynthia, you will develop a positive therapeutic relationship, and explore your strengths, resources and coping skills in order to contribute to your own health and wellness on a long-term basis.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, also known as “marital therapy” or “marriage counseling,” will focus on improving your relationship. In healthy relationships, making improvements is a continuous and nurturing process; however, in a struggling relationship making positive changes can be extremely difficult. This is when couples therapy with a trained professional can help. Couples that work with Cynthia focus on:

  • Resolving specific issues
  • Improving trust and communication
  • Working through areas of anger and resentment
  • Building empathy and trust
  • Strengthening connections and intimacy
  • Reducing power struggles
  • Making decisions about separation and divorce

Cynthia will help you establish a vision on how you want your relationship and life to be, and then help you make the necessary changes to manifest that vision.

Family Therapy

Family therapy revolves around the belief that what is happening to one member of the family system will have an impact on others in the family unit. Cynthia believes in the importance of a collaborative approach to uncovering what is working and not working within your family. Family therapy sessions provide a positive and healthy opportunity for all family members to come together, collaborate, listen and be heard and, most importantly, work together to solve problems.

Family therapy sessions may include:

  • Practicing healthy communication skills
  • Improving family interactions and routines
  • Identifying and resolving family conflicts
  • Learning effective ways to cope with stressors
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