Living life without goals is like driving across country without a map or GPS system. You don’t know where you are going, you get lost, and everyone’s confused and miserable. It can be difficult to establish clear and achievable goals. Even more, it can be extremely challenging to get yourself motivated to pursue those goals. Nevertheless, goals are essential to your personal development and overall success. If goal setting is new to you or you need a reminder of why it’s important, then here are 7 reasons to consider.

Goals are important because they lead to . . .

1. Clarity
Setting goals clear the path making the smaller and larger decisions easier to discern. You begin to recognize your options better and make effective decisions. Without clarity, you’re making decisions in a confused state of mind.

2. Focus
Living your life with the end in sight leads people to live a more focused life. Without focus people have the tendency to grasp at everything giving their attention everywhere, spreading themselves too thin and, in turn, accomplish very little.

3. Purpose
Keeping short-term and long-term goals in mind. Achieving these goals will leave you with a feeling of fulfillment. This fulfillment keeps you on track and living your life with a driven purpose.

4. Structure
Organization is an essential component in any successful business. In your personal life, goals give you a structure to follow making priorities obvious. If there is no organization you will lose focus and your goals will get away from you very fast.

5. Abundance
With a determined focus and clarity you begin to see results. This is important because once you can gauge where your productivity is, you can then judge your effectiveness and decide where you stand and where to go next.

6. Leadership
Results lead to increased responsibility and better opportunities. Once others recognize how effective you are, you tend to be seen as a leader. You’re seen as someone who can handle problems under pressure, yet remain successful.

7. Happiness
When you begin accomplishing your goals, you get such a feeling of true peace and joy that is, quite possibly, the greatest feelings in the world. You’re filled with a confidence and competence that leaves you feeling as though you can accomplish anything, which you can!