“Is the glass half empty or half full,” is a common question asked in an attempt to take a positive perspective on life or various situations we find ourselves in. The only obvious and acceptable answer one can give is, “it’s half full.” However, the truth is the glass of life is both half empty and half full. Not only is the glass half empty and half full, but there is likely a filled pitcher next to this glass you weren’t aware of.

Many great books have been written on the power of focusing on the positives and the ability to manifest based on you successfully accomplishing this. Yet, a majority of people would agree that anything to the extreme is not healthy. Living in our “bubbles” and only seeing the positives and ignoring any negatives is what we call in psychology “living in denial” – or in extreme cases “delusional.” Everything is about balance.

Recent research in the field of Positive Psychology is consistently discovering that people who have this ability to see the negatives and positives in various situations tend to be more successful. This ability is proven to be far superior then IQ scores and overall success in school. People who are able to see the “yin and yang” in every situation have the ability to adapt and discover new resources and opportunities. The ability to adapt while maintaining truth leads to resiliency.

In my practice, I always advise people to:

  1. Take a step back and see the bigger picture
  2. Talk to others and not just people who will tell you what you want to hear
  3. Do not be impulsive in jumping to conclusions
  4. See the positives and the negatives
  5. Find a more balanced perspective

When you have taken these steps and can see the truth, take a look at other opportunities that always exist and do something about it!